SharkEye Rugged White iPhone 4 Case Compatibility – No Proximity Sensor Issue

Late last month we got our hands on the recently-released white iPhone 4. Other rugged iPhone case manufacturers warned that their cases weren’t compatible with the new white iPhone 4, so we set out to determine what was causing issues and if there were any compatibility issues with our SharkEye rugged iPhone cases. After investigating, the main issue came down to the proximity sensor located next to the speaker just above the iPhone screen.

You can see in the video we recorded (below), how the proximity sensor works. Basically the proximity sensor tells the device when you bring your iPhone up to your face during a call to turn the touchscreen off, avoiding muting or making other call options when your face touches the screen. For reasons not specified, other rugged cases noted their rugged iPhone cases were not allowing the proximity sensor to function properly. The SharkEye rugged iPhone 4 case did not have any proximity sensor issues with the white iPhone 4.

If you think using your white iPhone 4 without a properly functioning proximity sensor, we suggest rethinking the issues it can cause. We’ve had friends with malfunctioning proximity sensors who have face-dialed x’s, muted calls with their cheek and even hung up calls due to the screen’s sensitivity when the screen and sensor functions improperly.

Beside the proximity sensor issue, the white iPhone 4 is also slightly thicker than the black iPhone 4 version, but this too was not a compatibility issue. We tested every aspect of the white iPhone 4 with our rugged cases, from the elastomer plugs to camera capabilities, and found no issues. If you are looking to protect your white or black iPhone 4 (cases fit both AT&T and Verizon versions), SharkEye rugged iPhone cases are the smart choice to keep you and your device up and running.

- The SharkEye Team

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Using Your SharkEye Rugged iPhone 4 Case Clip: Tough iPhone 4 Case Entertainment Stand

It’s no secret that there’s an abundance of entertainment options for your iPhone. With YouTube, Netflix, movies and other streaming services and video options, watching your iPhone is a common occurrence. With the SharkEye rugged iPhone 4 Case you can make this visual experience even more easy and enjoyable. Using the tough case clip that comes with your rugged iPhone case you can now setup your iPhone at a perfect viewing angle.

Simply place your rugged iPhone case in the holster, and then rotate your clip on the back to the angle that best accommodates your view (click the photos below for a larger view).

You’ll notice that the screen can be seen straight on and at an open angle that makes it much more comfortable for viewing when looking down at a table or surface below eye-level. The port for your ear-buds also remains open. The tough iPhone case clip comes with every SharkEye Rugged iPhone 4 case. You’ll be able to watch movies on the plane, show videos to clients or watch YouTube clips with ease.

If you are looking for more tips, there will be footage of everything you can do with your rugged iPhone case and tough iPhone case clip in a few days.

**Update** Footage on how to setup your clip as an entertainment stand:


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The Rugged iPhone Case Industry – A Changing Landscape

There’s been a development in the protective and rugged case market that many people might not know. After what they state was 5 years of processing, just weeks ago the Otter team (makers of the Otterbox Defender Series) was formally recognized with a patent that protects their unique design. In a market that is crowded with low-cost, and low-quality copycats, we are excited at this latest development. While the fates of these companies that mirror Otter’s patent have yet to be determined, we find it important to inform consumers that our unique design in no way infringes on the patent in reference.

While it is not our objective to blog about our competitors, we are excited to offer a unique product that offers FULL protection to your iPhone. SharkEye cases remain a legitimate and originally-designed case that is here to stay and will keep your iPhone protected. In fact, we are well into development of a Universal iPad case that will offer protection that cannot be found anywhere else on the market. We remain committed to your satisfaction, and we continue to engineer new and unique ways to offer you, the consumer, great options at protecting your important devices.

As we continue to enhance and improve our product line, we would like to impart some information about this patent:

More Patent Details: the patent outlines the layered design of the OtterBox Defender case AND specifically draws claim to a stretchable cushion layer that is disposed over a hard shell – an element that is not on any SharkEye rugged iPhone case. As you can see in the photo below, there are obvious design and structural differences between SharkEye and the Otterbox Defender and a case drawn into question by the patent.

(top: SharkEye Rugged iPhone Case; middle: Otterbox Defender iPhone Case; bottom: competitor iPhone case in recently filed lawsuit)

The SharkEye Team welcomes any questions on the topic. We are proud of our rugged iPhone cases and respect the design of other developers – but we firmly believe in our design and the protection we offer SharkEye case owners!

- The SharkEye Team

Sections of the patent that pertain to claiming the layers and stretchable cushion cover on the outside of the case:


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Rugged iPhone Cases for a Cause

The SharkEye Team has had opportunities of late to give back to our local Austin, Texas community. Through programs and product donations we have continued our efforts to help local organizations reach their goals and follow through on their missions to make our community an even better place. As a growing company that started out small, we know just how helpful every bit can be when funds are tight. As our team grows,, we will continue to support local and national causes that we and our customers care about. Maybe that charity or cause is something you are currently working with? If you are interested in seeing how SharkEye can help support your cause, whether through participation or SharkEye rugged iPhone cases to help raise donations, contact us at

Two organizations we helped in the month of May include the Early Childhood Center in Cedar Park and Livestrong via Austin Sports and Social Club’s 10K+ Adventure Race in Round Rock. SharkEye has helped raise funds for both organizations with rugged iPhone cases to help raise donations, as well as donations made directly from SharkEye Team members. We want to thank both organizations and everyone who has donated and/or volunteers their time. It’s been fun supporting two great causes and seeing people react to SharkEye rugged iPhone cases at the events!

- The SharkEye Team

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For Mother’s Sake! Rugged iPhone Cases to the Rescue.

We developed rugged, hard-working cases for hard-working people, but we had no idea how popular the rugged iPhone cases would be with parents. While peanut-free environments and running with scissors were not yet taboo when I was a child, cell phones were rugged simply because they were the size of suitcases. As cell phones graduated to smartphones, they would transcend the workplace and become a welcome toy at home. From angry birds to xylophones, the apps cover everything from a to z, and help our kids learn their abc’s, as well. Of course, these are now the most expensive toys kids have to play with, so some peace of mind should come with your child’s joy. Our rugged iPhone cases offer just that. We dropped, slammed, threw and tested these cases from every angle, but having them survive playtime may prove to be the ultimate test. At Sharkeye we want to protect your phone. A recent email I will share with you from a happy customer helps reinforce just that. I invite feedback from all our customers, and look forward to more wonderful stories of success.

A recent email I received:
After moving to our new house, my wife and I scrambled to procure all of the necessary tools to childproof our house. After installing countless locks, bumpers, straps, buffers, gates and the sort, we were finally able to sit down and enjoy our children. Well, the toys, dolls, books and cars were no match at all to the various apps they have come to know and love on our iPhones. From the talking TomCat to just admiring videos of themselves, they are pretty quickly becoming experts at using our phones. Of course, the phones will occasionally double as a drumstick, hammer or some sort of food. While we are happy that they are intrigued and somewhat challenged with the various applications that the iPhone allows, we were not happy with the cost we incurred when the screen was shattered. Luckily, this was a one-time experience, as we were introduced to the SharkEye case. Our kids can still open the screen protector and access their favorite apps, and we have the peace of mind knowing that we will get the phone back in one piece (although maybe with a little drool). Thanks for child proofing our phones SharkEye.
- The Jordans

- Matt C., President of SharkEye Cases

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SharkEye Feedback: From Bathtubs to Two-Story Drops

The SharkEye team loves feedback – everything from new case feature ideas, to how one of our rugged iPhone cases saved another iPhone from serious damage, to the new and insightful case studies we’ve been doing with Sharkeye case owners. If you haven’t had a chance to look at our site lately, it’s been updated with the feedback and reviews we’ve been getting to highlight just what people are doing, and avoiding, when they trust their iPhones in a Sharkeye rugged iPhone case.

Two recently-submitted reviews caught our eyes when their SharkEye cases helped prevent serious water damage. The rugged iPhone case prevented any damage, we’re talking none at all, from a full bathtub emersion and from direct leakage due to an un-tightened water bottle. Both phones came out completely damage free and the only loss was a pair of soaked iPhone ear buds.

Two other reviewers took SharkEye cases on some real-life test runs. While on vacation in Utah, a reviewer posted about a ‘near-death’ ski trip in which her SharkEye rugged iPhone 4 case took the brunt force of an off-path trip on the slopes that led to a complete stop complements of a large, low-hanging tree branch. Now we can’t say the direct impact to the rugged case and the iPhone 4 saved her, but it’s nice to hear she, the case and the iPhone 4 survived! The second real-life SharkEye test came from a woman in Dallas who, with the help of her dog, tested SharkEye’s flying and landing skills. With a little push from man’s best friend, her iPhone 3GS and rugged case flew off the second floor balcony and onto the ground below. She rushed down and found the iPhone and the case all intact and functioning.

A great source for SharkEye feedback has been the beginning of our case studies. We’ve had the pleasure of speaking with two SharkEye case users who both don’t have the time to waste waiting on a fixed iPhone. You can read both case studies here and see how a rugged iPhone 3 / 3GS case or a rugged iPhone 4 case can keep your iPhone and your life up and running.

- Grant B. and the SharkEye Team

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Redefining What it Means to Be Rugged Follow Up: Footage Now Available

A while ago we wrote about the results from the sledgehammer test pitting SharkEye Cases against Otterbox and Incipio. We’re happy to announce the availability of the footage from the rugged testing session. If you haven’t read about the results, read about it here and see how the cases all compare. The testing measures the impact force that reaches the iPhone screen (with each case on) and from all different angles. See the footage and you’ll see how far we go to test SharkEye Cases:

When you watch the video you can see just how much force is being sent into the rugged iPhone cases and how well SharkEye outperforms the other two “rugged” cases. If you want to see the statistics on each angle, we encourage you to read the full sledgehammer rugged case results. On some of the tests results you will see how a Rugged SharkEye iPhone case prevents half the amount of impact force from reaching the screen when compared to Otterbox. We’re proud of the protection SharkEye cases provide and will continue to test our rugged iPhone cases against other “rugged” iPhone cases.

- Grant B. and the SharkEye team

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iPhone Screen Privacy with SharkEye Cases

One of the added benefits of SharkEye Cases is the iPhone screen privacy people have been enjoying with their cases. Screen privacy is a must-have for certain professions and fields and we build it into all of our cases. If you are looking for that extra privacy, the retractable screen protector on every SharkEye iPhone case provides an excellent obstruction to prevent people from reading or seeing what’s on your iPhone screen.

The retractable screen protector works similarly to privacy filters on other devices. From different angles it functions as an iPhone privacy screen by blurring the vision of onlookers, while still allowing for a clear view when the screen is seen head on. If privacy is an important factor in the iPhone case you are looking for or a necessity for your life or job, SharkEye Cases are an easy solution and a great way to protect you iPhone at the same time.

We invite you to get the iPhone protection that you need and want – complete protection, going above and beyond anything out on the market today. A ruggedness that surpasses other ‘rugged’ iPhone cases, screen protection that works and is patented, and the additional protection from straying eyes with screen privacy.

SharkEye offers both rugged iPhone 4 cases and rugged iPhone 3gs cases – all equipped with the retractable screen protector and privacy function.

- The SharkEye Team

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New Durability Test: Broken Glass Everywhere (Except SharkEye)

The SharkEye Team is at it again. First we tested other “rugged” iPhone cases against SharkEye Cases in a sledgehammer testing session, and now we’ve taken on Otterbox and Ballistic cases in a full-frontal test to find the superior iPhone screen protector.

Our testing provider Professional Testing, Inc. conducted the testing independently and the footage shows some excellent angles on how vulnerable an iPhone screen can be without a screen protector. See the footage below and enjoy the awe-striking wonder of the slow-motion camera on breaking iPhone glass!

It’s easy to see from the video the extra protection a SharkEye Case provides over Ballistic and Otterbox – both couldn’t handle the first drop. The iPhone with the SharkEye case and the retractable screen protector withstood impact from the steel ball at all three test points.

We’ll continue our rugged iPhone case tests and if you are looking to protect your iPhone with the ultimate protection to keep your iPhone and your life up and running, think SharkEye Cases.

- Grant B. and the SharkEye Team

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Cracked iPhone Screens are Embarrassing (I Got Lucky)

It’s not usually a story worth reading to have a company employee write a blog about using the company product – it’s biased, it’s fluff and yada, yada, yada. But I have to admit that when I started using my SharkEye, I didn’t know what I was getting into. When I had my iPhone 3GS stolen (a completely deflating experience), it was time to ‘forcefully’ upgrade to the iPhone 4. My new phone was sleek, sexy and everything an iPhone was supposed to be. At the time I was not yet working with SharkEye and I wanted to keep my phone free of any rugged iPhone case. Well, two weeks later I was lucky enough to have only cracked part of my screen!

In the span of two weeks my iPhone 4 attempted to commit screen ‘suicide’ twice, and it was a final slip out of my pocket that marked the screen breakage it had been wanting. I use the term screen suicide because it literally had no justifiable reason, in my mind, for the way the iPhone fell. Fall one was a slow-motion four-foot fall onto, thankfully, a rug, but right next to solid cement. This fall was simply caused by the iPhone slipping off of my closed wallet – practically at no angle and sitting there for no more than five minutes! It survived. Fall two was a shorter drop off a coffee table and slid right off of a closed magazine – again, at practically no angle. It survived. Fall three was strike three. Upon stepping up to get into my car, the iPhone 4 slipped right out of my pocket and met the pavement with a loud thud of $200 – $600 right down the drain. As you can see from the picture, I got lucky.

My iPhone 4 screen is still cracked, but about a week after my third iPhone fall my work at SharkEye began. It was an iPhone-saving opportunity. Since my work started at SharkEye I have dropped my iPhone 4, with therugged iPhone 4 case on, about 30 times to date. And no simple drops or iPhone warranty to back me up – I’m talking fresh pavement, basketball courts, restaurant floors and anywhere someone asks me about my case. It has survived. I’d be lying if every time I picked up my rugged iPhone 4 case, or someone handed it back to me after letting them drop it, I didn’t think I’d see an extension to those original screen cracks, but there hasn’t been one centimeter of further cracking.

Now, I’m a believer.

And I want to hear your stories too. If you’ve had a similar experience or a devastating cracked screen, email me or tell us on Facebook and Twitter. I’ve seen too many friends walking around with cracked and shattered screens – it’s embarrassing (from what they tell me) and preventable! It’s time for a rugged iPhone case to keep you and your phone safe. Trust me, I know how lucky I was.

- Grant B. (

The SharkEye Team

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