For Mother’s Sake! Rugged iPhone Cases to the Rescue.

We developed rugged, hard-working cases for hard-working people, but we had no idea how popular the rugged iPhone cases would be with parents. While peanut-free environments and running with scissors were not yet taboo when I was a child, cell phones were rugged simply because they were the size of suitcases. As cell phones graduated to smartphones, they would transcend the workplace and become a welcome toy at home. From angry birds to xylophones, the apps cover everything from a to z, and help our kids learn their abc’s, as well. Of course, these are now the most expensive toys kids have to play with, so some peace of mind should come with your child’s joy. Our rugged iPhone cases offer just that. We dropped, slammed, threw and tested these cases from every angle, but having them survive playtime may prove to be the ultimate test. At Sharkeye we want to protect your phone. A recent email I will share with you from a happy customer helps reinforce just that. I invite feedback from all our customers, and look forward to more wonderful stories of success.

A recent email I received:
After moving to our new house, my wife and I scrambled to procure all of the necessary tools to childproof our house. After installing countless locks, bumpers, straps, buffers, gates and the sort, we were finally able to sit down and enjoy our children. Well, the toys, dolls, books and cars were no match at all to the various apps they have come to know and love on our iPhones. From the talking TomCat to just admiring videos of themselves, they are pretty quickly becoming experts at using our phones. Of course, the phones will occasionally double as a drumstick, hammer or some sort of food. While we are happy that they are intrigued and somewhat challenged with the various applications that the iPhone allows, we were not happy with the cost we incurred when the screen was shattered. Luckily, this was a one-time experience, as we were introduced to the SharkEye case. Our kids can still open the screen protector and access their favorite apps, and we have the peace of mind knowing that we will get the phone back in one piece (although maybe with a little drool). Thanks for child proofing our phones SharkEye.
- The Jordans

- Matt C., President of SharkEye Cases

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