The Rugged iPhone Case Industry – A Changing Landscape

There’s been a development in the protective and rugged case market that many people might not know. After what they state was 5 years of processing, just weeks ago the Otter team (makers of the Otterbox Defender Series) was formally recognized with a patent that protects their unique design. In a market that is crowded with low-cost, and low-quality copycats, we are excited at this latest development. While the fates of these companies that mirror Otter’s patent have yet to be determined, we find it important to inform consumers that our unique design in no way infringes on the patent in reference.

While it is not our objective to blog about our competitors, we are excited to offer a unique product that offers FULL protection to your iPhone. SharkEye cases remain a legitimate and originally-designed case that is here to stay and will keep your iPhone protected. In fact, we are well into development of a Universal iPad case that will offer protection that cannot be found anywhere else on the market. We remain committed to your satisfaction, and we continue to engineer new and unique ways to offer you, the consumer, great options at protecting your important devices.

As we continue to enhance and improve our product line, we would like to impart some information about this patent:

More Patent Details: the patent outlines the layered design of the OtterBox Defender case AND specifically draws claim to a stretchable cushion layer that is disposed over a hard shell – an element that is not on any SharkEye rugged iPhone case. As you can see in the photo below, there are obvious design and structural differences between SharkEye and the Otterbox Defender and a case drawn into question by the patent.

(top: SharkEye Rugged iPhone Case; middle: Otterbox Defender iPhone Case; bottom: competitor iPhone case in recently filed lawsuit)

The SharkEye Team welcomes any questions on the topic. We are proud of our rugged iPhone cases and respect the design of other developers – but we firmly believe in our design and the protection we offer SharkEye case owners!

- The SharkEye Team

Sections of the patent that pertain to claiming the layers and stretchable cushion cover on the outside of the case:


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