Using Your SharkEye Rugged iPhone 4 Case Clip: Tough iPhone 4 Case Entertainment Stand

It’s no secret that there’s an abundance of entertainment options for your iPhone. With YouTube, Netflix, movies and other streaming services and video options, watching your iPhone is a common occurrence. With the SharkEye rugged iPhone 4 Case you can make this visual experience even more easy and enjoyable. Using the tough case clip that comes with your rugged iPhone case you can now setup your iPhone at a perfect viewing angle.

Simply place your rugged iPhone case in the holster, and then rotate your clip on the back to the angle that best accommodates your view (click the photos below for a larger view).

You’ll notice that the screen can be seen straight on and at an open angle that makes it much more comfortable for viewing when looking down at a table or surface below eye-level. The port for your ear-buds also remains open. The tough iPhone case clip comes with every SharkEye Rugged iPhone 4 case. You’ll be able to watch movies on the plane, show videos to clients or watch YouTube clips with ease.

If you are looking for more tips, there will be footage of everything you can do with your rugged iPhone case and tough iPhone case clip in a few days.

**Update** Footage on how to setup your clip as an entertainment stand:


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