SharkEye Rugged White iPhone 4 Case Compatibility – No Proximity Sensor Issue

Late last month we got our hands on the recently-released white iPhone 4. Other rugged iPhone case manufacturers warned that their cases weren’t compatible with the new white iPhone 4, so we set out to determine what was causing issues and if there were any compatibility issues with our SharkEye rugged iPhone cases. After investigating, the main issue came down to the proximity sensor located next to the speaker just above the iPhone screen.

You can see in the video we recorded (below), how the proximity sensor works. Basically the proximity sensor tells the device when you bring your iPhone up to your face during a call to turn the touchscreen off, avoiding muting or making other call options when your face touches the screen. For reasons not specified, other rugged cases noted their rugged iPhone cases were not allowing the proximity sensor to function properly. The SharkEye rugged iPhone 4 case did not have any proximity sensor issues with the white iPhone 4.

If you think using your white iPhone 4 without a properly functioning proximity sensor, we suggest rethinking the issues it can cause. We’ve had friends with malfunctioning proximity sensors who have face-dialed x’s, muted calls with their cheek and even hung up calls due to the screen’s sensitivity when the screen and sensor functions improperly.

Beside the proximity sensor issue, the white iPhone 4 is also slightly thicker than the black iPhone 4 version, but this too was not a compatibility issue. We tested every aspect of the white iPhone 4 with our rugged cases, from the elastomer plugs to camera capabilities, and found no issues. If you are looking to protect your white or black iPhone 4 (cases fit both AT&T and Verizon versions), SharkEye rugged iPhone cases are the smart choice to keep you and your device up and running.

- The SharkEye Team

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