SharkEye Testing: Redefining What it Means to be Rugged

We didn’t set out to be just another option for an iPhone case. We set out to be the most rugged iPhone case available – the name synonymous with rugged, tough, reliable and clutch. What better way to test our case technology than with a sledgehammer! Using a pin-released sledgehammer test with JustMeasure, LLC, we put the SharkEye iPhone 3G/3GS cases to the test against the Otterbox Defender series and the Incipio SILICRYLIC X case.

In the most literal of terms, the pin-release sledgehammer test works by placing the iPhone, in one of the cases, on top of a metallic table and releasing the hammer from the same starting point and having it swing under the table to create a consistent impact. Replicating the sledgehammer’s drop over and over, we tested the three cases by using an impact measurement tool (a Triaxial Accelerometer) on the screen that detects how much acceleration gets through the cases. By testing each case from different angles and averaging the results, we saw some results that had bite:

*** Newly Updated – See footage from the test at the bottom of this post

(The y-axis represents units of acceleration; the x-axis represents time in .10 of a second. What’s key to note on these graphs is that the same amount of force hits each phone/case, but the goal of any case is to minimize peak-impact and spread the shock out over time – the higher the peak impact, the more prone a phone is to breaking)

Impact from the left side – The SharkEye case reduced peak-impact force by nearly 50% when compared to the Otterbox:

Impact from the right side – We see a drastic increase in impact force to the Otterbox, with still well over double the impact force reaching the Otterbox screen at its peak level:

Impact from the top – Again, SharkEye outperforms the other two cases in shock absorption:

Impact from the bottom – While the Incipio case catches up from the bottom angle, the Otterbox still remained much higher:

What’s it all mean? The results were supportive of what we set out to do: create a truly protective case from every angle. We are currently doing more and different styles of tests and will continue to revise and improve our rugged cases. Don’t worry, we’ll post our findings as we benchmark our technology and take on the competing cases. We’re proud of how well we outperformed Otterbox’s toughest case and look forward to continuously proving ourselves in the lab and through true iPhone protection in your daily life. We are on the brink of releasing SharkEye cases for the iPhone 4 and are excited to announce the sheer ruggedness the new cases will continue to offer.

- Grant and The SharkEye Team

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  1. Katie says:

    Not only do I feel like my phone is that much safer, the case is really cute. In the 2 days I’ve had my new Shark Eye, at least 10 people told me they LOVED the case. Also, because of the sliding screen, I can actually view pictures and videos clearly unlike the otterbox where everything looks grainy. I love my SharkEye!

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