Cracked iPhone Screens are Embarrassing (I Got Lucky)

It’s not usually a story worth reading to have a company employee write a blog about using the company product – it’s biased, it’s fluff and yada, yada, yada. But I have to admit that when I started using my SharkEye, I didn’t know what I was getting into. When I had my iPhone 3GS stolen (a completely deflating experience), it was time to ‘forcefully’ upgrade to the iPhone 4. My new phone was sleek, sexy and everything an iPhone was supposed to be. At the time I was not yet working with SharkEye and I wanted to keep my phone free of any rugged iPhone case. Well, two weeks later I was lucky enough to have only cracked part of my screen!

In the span of two weeks my iPhone 4 attempted to commit screen ‘suicide’ twice, and it was a final slip out of my pocket that marked the screen breakage it had been wanting. I use the term screen suicide because it literally had no justifiable reason, in my mind, for the way the iPhone fell. Fall one was a slow-motion four-foot fall onto, thankfully, a rug, but right next to solid cement. This fall was simply caused by the iPhone slipping off of my closed wallet – practically at no angle and sitting there for no more than five minutes! It survived. Fall two was a shorter drop off a coffee table and slid right off of a closed magazine – again, at practically no angle. It survived. Fall three was strike three. Upon stepping up to get into my car, the iPhone 4 slipped right out of my pocket and met the pavement with a loud thud of $200 – $600 right down the drain. As you can see from the picture, I got lucky.

My iPhone 4 screen is still cracked, but about a week after my third iPhone fall my work at SharkEye began. It was an iPhone-saving opportunity. Since my work started at SharkEye I have dropped my iPhone 4, with therugged iPhone 4 case on, about 30 times to date. And no simple drops or iPhone warranty to back me up – I’m talking fresh pavement, basketball courts, restaurant floors and anywhere someone asks me about my case. It has survived. I’d be lying if every time I picked up my rugged iPhone 4 case, or someone handed it back to me after letting them drop it, I didn’t think I’d see an extension to those original screen cracks, but there hasn’t been one centimeter of further cracking.

Now, I’m a believer.

And I want to hear your stories too. If you’ve had a similar experience or a devastating cracked screen, email me or tell us on Facebook and Twitter. I’ve seen too many friends walking around with cracked and shattered screens – it’s embarrassing (from what they tell me) and preventable! It’s time for a rugged iPhone case to keep you and your phone safe. Trust me, I know how lucky I was.

- Grant B. (

The SharkEye Team

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