New Durability Test: Broken Glass Everywhere (Except SharkEye)

The SharkEye Team is at it again. First we tested other “rugged” iPhone cases against SharkEye Cases in a sledgehammer testing session, and now we’ve taken on Otterbox and Ballistic cases in a full-frontal test to find the superior iPhone screen protector.

Our testing provider Professional Testing, Inc. conducted the testing independently and the footage shows some excellent angles on how vulnerable an iPhone screen can be without a screen protector. See the footage below and enjoy the awe-striking wonder of the slow-motion camera on breaking iPhone glass!

It’s easy to see from the video the extra protection a SharkEye Case provides over Ballistic and Otterbox – both couldn’t handle the first drop. The iPhone with the SharkEye case and the retractable screen protector withstood impact from the steel ball at all three test points.

We’ll continue our rugged iPhone case tests and if you are looking to protect your iPhone with the ultimate protection to keep your iPhone and your life up and running, think SharkEye Cases.

- Grant B. and the SharkEye Team

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