iPhone Screen Privacy with SharkEye Cases

One of the added benefits of SharkEye Cases is the iPhone screen privacy people have been enjoying with their cases. Screen privacy is a must-have for certain professions and fields and we build it into all of our cases. If you are looking for that extra privacy, the retractable screen protector on every SharkEye iPhone case provides an excellent obstruction to prevent people from reading or seeing what’s on your iPhone screen.

The retractable screen protector works similarly to privacy filters on other devices. From different angles it functions as an iPhone privacy screen by blurring the vision of onlookers, while still allowing for a clear view when the screen is seen head on. If privacy is an important factor in the iPhone case you are looking for or a necessity for your life or job, SharkEye Cases are an easy solution and a great way to protect you iPhone at the same time.

We invite you to get the iPhone protection that you need and want – complete protection, going above and beyond anything out on the market today. A ruggedness that surpasses other ‘rugged’ iPhone cases, screen protection that works and is patented, and the additional protection from straying eyes with screen privacy.

SharkEye offers both rugged iPhone 4 cases and rugged iPhone 3gs cases – all equipped with the retractable screen protector and privacy function.

- The SharkEye Team

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