Redefining What it Means to Be Rugged Follow Up: Footage Now Available

A while ago we wrote about the results from the sledgehammer test pitting SharkEye Cases against Otterbox and Incipio. We’re happy to announce the availability of the footage from the rugged testing session. If you haven’t read about the results, read about it here and see how the cases all compare. The testing measures the impact force that reaches the iPhone screen (with each case on) and from all different angles. See the footage and you’ll see how far we go to test SharkEye Cases:

When you watch the video you can see just how much force is being sent into the rugged iPhone cases and how well SharkEye outperforms the other two “rugged” cases. If you want to see the statistics on each angle, we encourage you to read the full sledgehammer rugged case results. On some of the tests results you will see how a Rugged SharkEye iPhone case prevents half the amount of impact force from reaching the screen when compared to Otterbox. We’re proud of the protection SharkEye cases provide and will continue to test our rugged iPhone cases against other “rugged” iPhone cases.

- Grant B. and the SharkEye team

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