SharkEye Feedback: From Bathtubs to Two-Story Drops

The SharkEye team loves feedback – everything from new case feature ideas, to how one of our rugged iPhone cases saved another iPhone from serious damage, to the new and insightful case studies we’ve been doing with Sharkeye case owners. If you haven’t had a chance to look at our site lately, it’s been updated with the feedback and reviews we’ve been getting to highlight just what people are doing, and avoiding, when they trust their iPhones in a Sharkeye rugged iPhone case.

Two recently-submitted reviews caught our eyes when their SharkEye cases helped prevent serious water damage. The rugged iPhone case prevented any damage, we’re talking none at all, from a full bathtub emersion and from direct leakage due to an un-tightened water bottle. Both phones came out completely damage free and the only loss was a pair of soaked iPhone ear buds.

Two other reviewers took SharkEye cases on some real-life test runs. While on vacation in Utah, a reviewer posted about a ‘near-death’ ski trip in which her SharkEye rugged iPhone 4 case took the brunt force of an off-path trip on the slopes that led to a complete stop complements of a large, low-hanging tree branch. Now we can’t say the direct impact to the rugged case and the iPhone 4 saved her, but it’s nice to hear she, the case and the iPhone 4 survived! The second real-life SharkEye test came from a woman in Dallas who, with the help of her dog, tested SharkEye’s flying and landing skills. With a little push from man’s best friend, her iPhone 3GS and rugged case flew off the second floor balcony and onto the ground below. She rushed down and found the iPhone and the case all intact and functioning.

A great source for SharkEye feedback has been the beginning of our case studies. We’ve had the pleasure of speaking with two SharkEye case users who both don’t have the time to waste waiting on a fixed iPhone. You can read both case studies here and see how a rugged iPhone 3 / 3GS case or a rugged iPhone 4 case can keep your iPhone and your life up and running.

- Grant B. and the SharkEye Team

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