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I got a brand new case for my iPhone 4 from the very personable, customer-service oriented folks at SharkEye. So far, so good. Being my clumsy self, I've dropped my phone from standing a few times already (in the day and a half I've had it) and it has held up beautifully. Read more...
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SharkEye Press Releases

SharkEye Rugged iPhone 4 Case Release

Austin-Based Cypress Industries Spin-Off SharkEye Manufactures Rugged Cases for Growing Number of Smartphones

SharkEye iPhone® 4 Case Outperforms Competitors in Laboratory Damage Tests; Now Available for Retail Purchase

May 9, 2011. AUSTIN, TX. - SharkEye Cases, a spin-off of Austin-based Cypress Industries, a leading international manufacturing and services company, today announced the addition of the SharkEye iPhone® 4 case to its expanding line of rugged smartphone cases. SharkEye cases are the most rugged cases in the touchscreen-smartphone market - consistently outperforming competitors in independent laboratory tests of smartphone cases' ability to protect devices from screen damage.

With replacement iPhones costing upwards of $600, SharkEye understands iPhones are an investment for on-the-go communicators who can't live without their smartphone - for even a day. SharkEye's iPhone 4 case joins SharkEye's iPhone 3/3Gs case to protect the iPhone's delicate glass screen from impact regardless of how it might be dropped. The case's patented design features a light, highly-durable outer shell combined with a soft inner lining that prevents shock from reaching the touchscreen. SharkEye cases are the only iPhone case with a retractable screen protector (patent-pending) to prevent screen cracks resulting from head-on impact.

"People who rely on their smartphones as a command center for their lives can't afford to be without their devices," said Matt Conkey, SharkEye President. "We continue to put our patented design through rigorous testing to ensure that every SharkEye case provides ultimate protection from drops, slips, pressure and impact."

SharkEye cases are currently available at and through an expanding number of distributors and retail outlets nationwide.

SharkEye is funded by the Dallas-based private equity firm, Freeman Group and initiated funding in order to provide capital for rapid growth. SharkEye's facility is in northeast Austin in the Walnut Creek Business Park and has expansion plans to grow its core team in the next few months.

About SharkEye Cases
SharkEye is a new Austin-based rugged case manufacturer for touchscreen devices. Drawing upon our experience designing and manufacturing ruggedized cases for laptop companies and the US Military, we made it a company project to create an iPhone case that provides real screen protection. SharkEye now offers iPhone cases for both the iPhone 3/3GS and the iPhone 4 and remains the only iPhone case with a retractable screen protector. SharkEye cases are designed with hard-working people in mind - for people whose touchscreen phones are more than just a phone and rather a connection to their life, work and can't slow down when their device breaks.

About Cypress Industries
Cypress Industries is a manufacturing and services company that accelerates time to profit for electronics components and products. Since 2001, Cypress Industries has delivered unique solutions to our customers' most challenging design, manufacturing, fulfillment and logistics problems while allowing them to focus on their core businesses. Atypical of most manufacturing outsourcers, Cypress Industries applies creativity, extensive industry knowledge and a relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction to solving manufacturing problems without regard to size or complexity. Our ISO 9001-certified offshore and domestic facilities ensures manufacturing consistency and high-quality finished products. By offering lower tooling costs and shorter lead-times, Cypress Industries designs, engineers and fulfills high-quality electronics components and finished products quicker and more cost-effectively than many other manufacturing companies. Cypress Industries' headquarters is in Austin, Texas. More information about Cypress Industries can be found at

Matt Conkey
SharkEye President
Ph: 512.637.2544
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