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Creative Director Law Enforcement Construction Sales
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Owner and Creative Director at a small Graphic Arts, Website Design and Hosting company.

SharkEye is the BEST case I've EVER used for the iPhone - period.

My iPhone is VERY important to me. As a small business owner, "the buck stops here" so to speak. I have to have access to voice/web/email constantly. If I'm not in the office, I have to still be connected. My iPhone allows me to synch contacts and notes with my company's MobileMe account and keeps me constantly in touch, wherever I am.

Reason(s) for using a SharkEye:
"Life" is the reason I use the SharkEye. I'm not only a small business owner, but also the father to a 2-1/2 year old toddler girl who is very active. The reason I found the SharkEye is that, while playing with my daughter, she "jumped" on my hip... right where I had my iPhone in my pocket. The ringer/mute toggle switch broke off. It was when I took my iPhone in to have the switch replaced that they recommended the SharkEye case. Every case I'd ever tried before was either too bulky, didn't provide enough protection, or just looked... odd... on the iPhone. The SharkEye not only looks cool, but provides complete protection while still being small enough for me to slip my phone in my pocket.

I really need to have quick access to my iPhone when it rings. The compete protection the SharkEye case provides also allows me to slip it quickly and easily out of my pocket and slide it open one hand. The SharkEye protects it from accidental falls from the desk, bumps, dirt and scratches (especially if I have it in my pocket with other items).

Any past iPhone case issues or iPhone breakage?
I like to carry my iPhone in my pocket. Other cases - especially bumpers - are either too bulky to allow this or are made of silicone rubber and would "stick" or "cling" to the fabric and I'd have to wrestle with them to remove them from my pocket. I have yet to find a case that rivals the *COMPLETE* protection that the SharkEye offers.

Would you recommend SharkEye Cases?
Without a doubt! Would and HAVE recommended this to friends - even to complete strangers who approached me and asked me about my iPhone case! I've even mentioned the SharkEye case on both my personal and work Facebook and Twitter accounts!

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Law Enforcement Agent in Texas

Using my SharkEye has been great!

I utilize my iPhone for both work and personal business. My iPhone allows me to stay in touch through email, text and calls and keep up with the demands of a fast-paced life. I can't worry about it breaking and don't have time to slow down if it breaks and needs to be fixed.

Reason(s) for using a SharkEye:
For the ultimate protection of my iPhone. I need a case that keeps up with me and protects my screen from the accidental drops and bumps.

Any past iPhone case issues or iPhone breakage?
With my iPhone 3G, I experienced issues with the belt clip breaking on the OtterBox case, which resulted in my iPhone dropping several times. I haven't had any issues with my SharkEye iPhone 4 case or clip and think the rugged design will only continue to get better.

Would you recommend SharkEye Case:
Yes and I do whenever someone asks me about my SharkEye.

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Security System and Fire Alarm Sales

SharkEye is the third iPhone case I've used and the last case I will use for an iPhone.

My experience has been great. I've dropped my iPhones with the SharkEye case on it several times and have never had any worries about the phone breaking. I've spent a lot of time with it and talking about it to people and I just think it's really well built and well thought out.

Reason(s) for using a SharkEye:
I work at construction sites a lot and if I drop my iPhone without a case or without a rugged case it will at the least get dirty, muddy or break and I don't want to have to take insurance on it and deal with that hassle. When I'm moving around a site, whether preparing for install or quoting a new site, I'm moving around a lot and I like not having to worry about my iPhone. My SharkEye really gives me that piece of mind and I like having that when I'm focusing on my work.

Would you recommend SharkEye Cases?
Yes, and I have recommended it to the many people who ask about it. They always ask me when they see it if it's a new Otterbox because I used to have an Ottebox Defender, but I'm very happy with the SharkEye case and I don't have any plans to go back. Once you get it on your iPhone and in your hands, you start to worry a lot less!