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iPhoneFreak: SharkEye iPhone Case Review and Video
Is it really possible to use a rugged iPhone 4 case everyday? For me, the downside of cases which offer almost complete protection for your phone is the additional size and bulk - I just don't want to carry them around. I always knew there would be a sweet spot, where the phone is kept safe without sacrificing its portability, and I think the SharkEye may have found it. Read more...
Review: Battle Of The Rugged iPhone 4 Cases! Ballistic HC vs. SharkEye
There's no denying the iPhone 4 is a beautiful device, but like so many beautiful things, it's also fragile. Almost immediately after being released, pictures began to appear showing a shattered glass rear panel or worse, a shattered screen; it soon became clear the iPhone 4 had to be treated carefully. Read more...
Blog: Review of SharkEye Case for iPhone 4
I got a brand new case for my iPhone 4 from the very personable, customer-service oriented folks at SharkEye. So far, so good. Being my clumsy self, I've dropped my phone from standing a few times already (in the day and a half I've had it) and it has held up beautifully. Read more...
YouTube User Review: SharkEye Rugged Case for iPhone 4
Watch a new SharkEye rugged iPhone 4 case user on her initial thoughts and brief comparison to her old Otterbox defender. See the review...
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