Our Story

Every good product starts with a "Eureka" moment. We had ours, after witnessing a seemingly endless parade of friends and family members with smashed iPhone screens - and the resulting anguish and despair they felt when forced to face even a single day without their phones. Surprisingly, cracked screens were responsible for most of those iPhone fatalities (a staggering 76% of iPhone accidents were attributed to cracked screens). That's when it hit us. No one was making a truly rugged iPhone case that protected the iPhone's delicate glass screen from breaking.

At our core, we're engineering geeks. The SharkEye design was created by a group of passionate, experienced mechanical engineers. Drawing upon our experience designing and manufacturing rugged cases for laptop companies and the US Military, we made it our pet project to create an iPhone case that provides real screen protection. We spent two years in engineering test labs - dropping, throwing, stomping on and impaling iPhones to ultimately create the best smartphone protection. In 2010 we released the first SharkEye case for the iPhone 3G/3Gs. We are continually expanding our line of cases.

Attack Life. SharkEye Cases have redefined the rugged iPhone case market. Our cases provide unsurpassed phone protection to give owners peace of mind. So, you don't have to worry about accidentally damaging your phone and can be more carefree about living your life. While smartphones have become invaluable everyday necessities and their cost remains high, protecting your device is key. SharkEye Cases test #1 versus the leading rugged case competitor in impact protection. We're proud of every SharkEye case we make. You'll be a believer from the very first moment your SharkEye Case hits the floor.

Why the Name SharkEye? Sharks are known for their resilience and power, but without their eyesight become vulnerable. In nature, sharks' eyes are protected by a second eyelid that creates a clear barrier from harm while still allowing their eyes to function. This brilliance of nature is similar to what we've created to protect the iPhone's screen. In fact, SharkEye Cases are the only cases to provide this kind of protection. While some phone cases only protect the sides and back of your phone, SharkEye Cases are the ONLY cases that also provide true protection for the phone's screen, just as a shark's eyes are protected by nature's design. So your entire phone is protected, not just part of it.